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7 Days 2 Die

This is our playthrough in Navezgane. We just woke up in this terrible place! We have no clue how we got here and also why are only wearing underwear...

7 Days 2 Die: The Netherlands

This is our Custom map of the Netherlands. I wanted to have a custom map so I build one! This is my 16k map of the Netherlands!

Minecraft FTB Infinity Evolved 1.7

This was a Christmas special 2020, A showcase from our FTB IE World.

Sea of Thieves

An Empire can't run without money. So it's time to set sail and see if we can find some treasure! GOLD!!!


NostraDavid and I are playing Terraria together! In our Journey we are trying to defeat all the Bosses, Explore the all different biomes and find all the Treasure!