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Streaming Update #5

It's been a while; I've been a bit sick the past couple of weeks. From the big C to some very annoying colds.

With my cases having no voice at all. So Streaming was of the table.

I also don't know when I'll be streaming again, at the moment I’m just recording some stuff and playing a bit here and there.

As for the hardware side, I'm still waiting for my last part (Vidcard what a surprise!). So my gear is still not preforming as I would like.

Until then I'll have to wait and do with what I have. But it takes the joy out of it for me.

As low FPS really grinds my gears. So I hope that it'll arrive soon.

Thanks for reading!


Streaming Update #4

While I have been working on the new System and started up some more Streams, I still can't get to have a good schedule to Stream.

This means that I'll be on randomly when I have time. But at least I can start again.

Also I have been thinking of streaming more on YouTube instead of Twitch.

YouTube offers way better quality then Twitch does. Like streaming in 4k at a way higher bitrate.

I'm still waiting for the 3080 to arrive. Until then the quality is on a lower setting.

As for the games to play, I have found my way back in some Sea of Thieves again.


Streaming Update #3

I'm finally setting up my new system! Though I did not yet receive all parts. I can at least assemble my new rig.

This will take some time to prepare, as building a PC is always quite the challenge. Mostly to install everything again.

Hopefully it'll be up and running soon, maybe then I can start streaming stable again.


Streaming Update #2

I putting a hold on streaming for now. As said in my last Video (See below). My Current Potato PC isn't up to the task anymore.

At this point my rig can't handle most things anymore, it's also getting worse. Last time playing Sea of Thieves was an example.

When playing I keep getting so much stutter that I can't fight normally without freezing for a second. Which results in losing the battle.

Or failing with movements so I end up overboard and in the drink. Losing my ship until a mermaid helps out...

This is taking all joy out of the game and streaming all together.

I tried Kingdoms and Castles, but even in this game I get stutter. So this is why I decided to put a break on streaming.

I'm still waiting on the last few parts of my new system. Hopefully this will come soon.


Streaming Update #1

With this update I wanted to let you know that streaming has been put on a low pitch. Currently I don't have enough time to stream.

I'll try to stream when I can. However, I can't tell when I'm online.

There are a lot of things happening, but hopefully soon some more time will be available.

One of the things I'm working on is the website, I'm trying to keep you all up to date via this website.