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7 Days 2 Die: The Netherlands

This is our Custom map of the Netherlands. I wanted to have a custom map so I build one! This is my 16k map of the Netherlands!

We are playing on this map from time to time, This is a PVE/PVP world. It would be hard to find each other, but thats the fun part!

In this map NostraDavid and I will sometimes stream, In a more just chatty way.


In this server we have the following settings:

Difficulty to 4.

Zombie spawn to 128.

Loot Abundance to 150.

Air Drop Frequency to 18 hours.

No Horde Nights, this is due to people logging on randomly. It would be unfair if you'll login on a Horde Night.


In this server we have the following mods installed:

ATLA5, Doughphunghus - More Vanilla Foods & Drinks

Donovan - Better Cement

Donovan - Better Power Tools

Donovan - Better Vehicles

Donovan - Longer Loot Bags

Donovan - Loot Clean up

Doughphunghus - More Common Sounds

Eric Beaudoin - PaintJob

HammerJade - Service Lift by HammerJade 0.6

Iceburg71 - Craft Door Trim, Window Trim, Shutters, Mini Blinds, Curtains, Crown Moulding

Ragsy2145, Guppycur, ActiniumTiger, HaidrGna, Mumpfy, Random Person, Bdubyah, Dust2Death - Vehicle Madness

Riles - Riles HUDPlus

Riles - Riles Deco Blocks

Smithaye - Faster Paintbrush

Smitty, Doughphunghus - Smitty’s Sirens & Alarms

TSBX - Vanilla Expanded: Storage

The Netherlands - 16K Map

See our Custom map here (The preview is in 4K): The Netherlands.

I made this map with the help of the NitroGen Tool.

The First Episode:

The Latest Episode: